Here you are,

siting beside me,

like the whole world,

is okay,

but, it’s not,

you make my world,

turn upside down,

you turn me around,

spinning me out of control,

and here we go,

we are not perfect,

I am not your girl,

and your not my guy,

but here you are,

taking up my space,

like you own me,

but, you don’t,

you think those eyes,

will lure me in,

but, you don’t know me very well,

because I am not your girl,

I don’t fall for your tricks,

I don’t go gaga

on guys I hardly know,

I don’t go chasing,

after what could be,

when I know it won’t be,

your not my guy,

and I am not your girl,

so, don’t come thinking,

that you can sway me otherwise,

because I am not that kind of girl.

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