You Got My Soul

Just so you know,

you got my soul,

it’s not everyday,

that someone gives you their

whole self,

just out of love,

love.. like you never did before,

and before you know it your under some kind of spell

and then life turns you around,

showing you who you really are,

and that you are more than just somebody,

you’re somebody that I love,

oh love, is the key,

the answer to our prayers,

we’ve been praying,

praying before,

and now it’s here

given to us,

just out of the norm

because you and I were meant

to be..

to be something more.

So, how would define us?

How could you not love us?

When we wanted this all along,

and here we are,

just you and I.

we’re going to love,

like never before,

yes, we’re going to love like never before.

Because you got my soul..

my soul.. is in your hands,

crush or love it.

it’s up to you,

because you  got my soul..

ohhh oh.

you got my soul..

my soul.

yeah, you got my soul.

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