Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Half an hour later, Lora came out of her dorm room all dressed and ready to get started. I know she is beyond angry with having had me in her dorm room seeing her in her sexy pink night gown. The gown itself showed off how petite she was. Her beautiful legs showing off all the way up to her mid thighs. The neckline low exposing her full bosom with a little bow centering one’s attention even more so. It was hard not to think her sexy, especially with her hair all messed up from sleep. Her anger pout only added to the boiling attraction I have towards her. I tried hard not to laugh at her but somehow my laughter erupted. Lora really likes her coffee!

It seems to me that she hates working with me. Every time I am near her all I ever do is make her even madder at me. As if that was possible. How can I make her like me? How can I look at her without her being angry with me? What is it that I do so wrong every time? Damn her and her sexy outfits. She has no idea how attractive she is in her long sleeve sweaters and short skirts and boots that stop at her ankles. Already, a fantasy of having her legs wrapped around my waist, wearing those boots, and her skirt hitched upwards with my hands on her bottom. Holding closer to me as I show her how I can make her feel as wonderful as she looks. Her lips red rom our kissing. Her hair loose in a tangled mess from us kissing. Her soft moans as I make her mine.


Snapping back to reality, Lora was standing in front of me waving her hands in my face laughing.
“Welcome back to planet earth, Romeo.”
If she only know my thoughts about her, she would probably try hitting me like she was about to do when I was in her dorm room.

“What are we going to do or our project?”

I decided that by asking her this time around what she wanted to do, would help lessen the chance to anger her even more than she already was. Best not to push my luck with the only woman who doesn’t go around chasing me like I’m a piece of meat they want to devour. Although, I wouldn’t mind Lora wanting to devour me, if she wanted to.

“I was thinking that maybe we can do our project on something local that hasn’t had much attention but does need our most attention. Something that everyone can get involve in if we do our project right.”

Now, that sounded like something I would be interested in doing as well.

“Okay, so then what did you have in mind?”

Lora looks over at me, eye brows raised as if questioning why I am being so cooperative with her. I thought that’s what she wanted. For a brief moment she said nothing and then went on explaining about the local dog shelter in the town here that needs a lot of help. It not only needs help financially, but also needs volunteers to help take care of the dogs and all maintenance as well.

“I think this will be the best project our class will see. Where do we begin? And how?”

“We should go there first talk to the owner, and maybe get an interview with him and do some video footage of how the shelter is run. And what tasks need more helping hands. What needs to be fixed and etc.” Lora said as though it was common knowledge what had to be done and how.

Laughing, I felt good that she and I were going to finally work on something that we both were interested in as well as something that did need the public’s attention. Lora just stared at me, as I judging on whether or not laughing was aloud. Then shaking her head she just smiles. Her smile was captivating.

“You should smile a lot more.”


After gathering the equipment that we needed and making a call to the owner about our project we headed on over to the shelter. Lora for the first time seemed at ease and not angry at me like she usually was. Maybe there was hope for me after all.

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