Author Interview: Victoria Warren Jackson

Victoria Warren Jackson Responds to the Interview Questions

  1. How old were you when you wrote your first book? And what was the name of that book?

I cannot remember the exact age, but I do recall writing a short story about a young girl who lived on a farm. I was in the third grade. I did not give this book a title, but I was so pleased with my work because my mother read it and asked me questions about the main character.

  1. How many novels have you written so far?

I have written two novels and one poetry book.

  1. Which is more enjoyable to you, writing poetry or writing fiction novels?

I enjoy writing fiction more than writing poetry because I have more opportunities to develop the plot, climax, and conclusion of the story.

  1. I noticed that one of your novels has a silver medal from Reader’s Favorite with the rating of five stars. That is the highest honor to receive from that company. How did you feel when you received that medal for your novel?

I was so happy. At first, I did not believe it. I closed my email and re-opened my email to make sure there were no technical errors. I also checked several other websites to actually read the review. This honor makes me very proud.

  1. On your author website you have stated that writing is therapy. Why do you think writing is a form of therapy and how so?

Writing is therapy for me because I can relax, evaluate certain situations from my own life, make sense of what is happening currently in the world, and forget any stressors from the day.

  1. What advice do you have for other novelist wanting to write in the same genre as you?

I would advise the novelist to read my books or other books written in their preferred genre to give them ideas on how to organize their book. Next, I would advise the novelist to get to work, and do not give up!

  1. Do you think that being an educator for at-risk youth has helped shape your form of writing? Why or why not?

Teaching has helped me grow as an author. The students I have taught in the past and my current students have shaped my writing style, word choice, and my selection of the audience. Some of my poems reflect experiences I had with students and parents. Being an educator requires me to be flexible and open-minded, which has helped me to step outside the box with my own writing. Working with at-risk students requires patience and understanding. The writing process is a challenging effort requiring a whole lot of patience especially when publishing and marketing the book. My students are creative, and they challenge expectations when necessary. Over the years, my students have asked me questions about grammar and mechanics. I learned it is a choice to follow grammar rules. For instance, I decided not to follow grammar rules with the title of my book Untraditional Love In The Dark. I knew what I wanted to see in print, and regardless of grammar rules, I just followed my heart.

  1. Can you tell us readers a little bit about your novel called Not Just Us

Desiree and Shanna are sisters. They both lived similar lives, but Desiree becomes infected with HIV. With two children, a caring sister, a supportive mother, and a new boyfriend, Desiree’s world could be perfect. The fear of dying from AIDS stands in the way of Desiree’s happiness. For Shanna, life will never be the same.

  1. Which of the two sisters is your favorite character from Not Just Us?  And why?

My favorite character is Shanna. I like her because she steps up during a difficult time to support her sister. She also decides to become the adoptive mother of her sister’s children after her sister dies. Shanna is the perfect example of how family love links lives.

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about your novel Untraditional Love In the Dark?

Samantha learns a valuable lesson about self-love after Isaiah, her future husband, jogs into her life one windy morning. On the rebound, Samantha marries Isaiah to later discover he has a violent temper. He is physically abusive, lazy, and has a naughty secret. Samantha is about to face the fight of her life when she discovers Isaiah is bisexual. As her life unravels, Samantha faces death and must triumph over adversity to rebuild her life. The conclusion is a definite surprise.

  1. What inspires you to write your poetry? And what three words would you use to describe your poetry?

I am inspired by family, friends, love, life, and everyday experiences.  I get my rhythm from these topics. The best three words to describe my poetry are encouraging, soothing, and vibrant.

  1. What is the name of your fourth novel? And when will it be coming out?

The title of my fourth novel is Maricella. This book will be released in Spring, 2015.

  1. Can you tell us readers about your fourth novel?

The main character, Maricella, retells the details of her life in a dramatic story. Maricella is sentenced to death row after murdering an innocent woman during a brief stay in a shelter.

  1. Where can readers find your novels?

All of my books can be purchased on and

 Click on the link below to watch the trailer o her new book.

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