Book Review: Predator & Prey Series Books 1-3 by James D. Horton

I have read a novel that has captured every human emotion that is known to man. It’s plot is well written. The story is captivating. Readers beware, James D. Horton, very well knows how to lure in his audience with every written word. His novels, Predator and Prey, The Beast, and Control will leave you breathless and wanting more. Luckily, this talented writer has written a fourth novel for his series. And let me say this, you will be begging for more books to come.

I would more than highly recommend reading every single book in this stunning must read series by James D. Horton. His unique writing style has a way that grabs your attention and leads you further into unknowing adventures that will leave you laughing, crying, furious and happy.  Each book is just as good if not more enticing than the previous one before it, and readers will definitely want to, need to read more.  I loved reading each one of these thrilling, alluring, and heated novels. The Predator and Prey series won’t disappoint, they will only enhance every reading wanting of the next fantastic book yet to come. Overall, I rate these books a five out of five stars.

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