Book Review: Flirting with Disaster by Victoria Dahl

Flirting with Disaster is a hilarious yet a hot sexy read that readers won’t want to stop reading.  Isabella is hiding out in a forest of Wyoming with only one other woman as her neighbor.  Isabella loved the perfect solitude and quietness that came from being cut away from the world. Yet, deep within her she was struggling with the ear of anyone finding her. It isn’t soon when a hot stud knocks on her door causing all kinds of havoc in her new life that she has created for herself.  Tom Duncan is a US Marshal. He doesn’t know it yet, but when he knocks on Isabella’s door he is lured into her world where she is still running away from her past. Things start to heat up quickly between the two. Both know that there is something keeping the other from fully being able to just enjoy their spent time together. Isabella leaves Tom suspicious enough that he searches for information about her on a flagged site. This then causes all hell to break loose on their new relationship and Isabella’s life is thrown into the air. Will Tom be able to save Isabella from her past? Will he risk everything just for her? Will Isabella trust him after her new life is out in the open with bad guys from her past hot on her trail thanks to Tom’s searching into her life?

I loved reading this spontaneous novel and there isn’t anything hotter than these two main characters. Victoria Dahl writes a very compelling story that everyone can relate too. It has heat, compassion and the everyday crap that life tosses our way. This book has so much to give to readers.  Two hearts are on the line.. will they be fixed or will the remain broken? I recommend reading this masterpiece that is beautifully crafted. Overall, I rate this novel a 5 out of 5 stars!

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