Book Review: Christmas with a Bite by Patricia A. Wolfe

Christmas with a Bite is a novel that readers must pick up. The enchanting romance story will make readers laugh, and cry. Following both Maria and Connor as the novel plot thickens is incredible. I couldn’t believe how a paranormal romance novel could be turned into such a realistic and believable romance that entices its readers with every page. I loved how Patricia Wolfe created such raw yet strong emotions for Maria’s character. I enjoyed reading the hot sexy scenes as well as the fear coming off Connor as he worries about his parents hurting Maria. Will Connor, a vampire, be able to make Maria as his own? Or will Maria think him a monster and leave his heart broken? Will Conor’s parents accept Maria as his love or will they destroy the only thing that ever matters to him? Can Maria, a human being,  fall in love with Connor and accept him for what he is? I strongly encourage every reader to read this sexy as hell novel. Trust me you will fall in love with both Maria and Connor’s story. Overall, I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars.

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