Book Review: The Brands Who Came for Christmas by Maggie Shayne

Brands for Christmas

Maggie Shayne has a raw talent or writing the perfect romance. A romance suited to hook, lure and trap readers in a world like our own but filled with heart melting happiness. This Christmas novel teaches others what is really important. Family is the most important thing that the story centers around. Both Cain and Maya learn what love truly is about and how it really works. Maya and her four other sisters and her Mom were betrayed by the one man that should have been there for all of them everyday. Their father had two separate families, and later got mixed in with the wrong people and killed along with his other wife.  Since then Maya, her sisters and her mother were against trusting men. Maya ends up meeting a stranger named Cain. Cain is a politician’s son next inline for a current race. But all that changes when he meets Maya at her family’s saloon. Soon, they are dancing and enjoying each other’s company. Next, Maya and Cain are alone and their passion builds up. But, Cain soon realizes that he was Maya’s first and soon realizes just how much he wants to keep seeing her. But as he leaves Maya promising to see her again tomorrow morning, he gets a call about his father and leaves  without an explanations. What is to come of their one night together? Will Cain come back to Maya? Will Maya accept Cain back into her life after he left her without a single word as to why he left?

This novel was my favorite kind of romance to read. Both Cain and Maya had a lot to learn about love and themselves. Each one had a different life that they were living. It was interesting to see how their lives would connect and how they ended up together again for the second time. The well written plot is one that will keep every reader up late reading. The unexpected twist pops up creating stress on Cain’s and Maya’s relationship. This only pulls the two main characters closer. The characters are easy to connect with on every level. I would recommend this novel to others. Overall, I rate the book a five out of five  stars.

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