Chapter 5

Here is the next chapter of my new adult novel, please tell me what you think!
Chapter 5
Getting into Michael’s SUV, felt somewhat personal. My cheeks flushed instantly upon the thought. But, I had to force my thoughts aside. Michael and I were heading to the local animal shelter called, Dog Heaven. The owner of Dog heaven was now in his eighties. And had younger people working at the shelter to help me him take care of the many homeless dogs. The dogs were either strays left in the wilderness by their owners or were tortured by their previous owners. And here at Dog Heaven, Mr. Brown, the owner of the business gave the dogs treatment, food, and a home. I admired the elderly man who has spent his entire life working to save each and every one of these dogs. My heart melted at the thought.  Michael and I headed out and into the dog pen.
“So, how many dogs are held in here?” Michael asked a female worker who was kind enough to give us a tour around with courtesy of the owner.
“We have currently fifty dogs in here, now.”
“And how many were abused and how many are strays?” I asked not missing a beat.
“Of the fifty dogs we have twenty-five that were abused. And out of that twenty-five, fifthteen are puppies.”
Michael and I just looked at each other and silently continued following our guide.
Once we were about to head into the abused dog section. We overheard shouting and a dog’s cries. The sound made my heart sink. Fear flooded my thoughts. The next thing I knew both Michael and the woman were hot on my trail as I ran towards the shouting.
“Bad, bad dog! Good for nothing! You won’t be getting any food today, you ugly mutt!” And then a black small dog was kicked. A high scream escaped my lips.
“No! Stop!”
Just as I was about to push the man down, he took off for the exit. Michael, chased after him.  I leaned down towards the black dog. It was just a puppy. So thin, it looked as if it hasn’t had any food at all.  I tried to go near the puppy but it cringed under my touch. I wanted to beat the hell out of the bastard that kicked this poor puppy. I wanted to kick the man for what he just did. I scooped up the puppy into my arms.
“Omg, I am so sorry you had to witness that. We never had this happen before. I am going to call the owner and then the police. Be right back.”
Just as the woman let me alone holding the puppy. I whispered soft soothing words to the puppy. I vowed to keep the puppy safe. Michael came back. He shook his head. I knew the man had gotten away. Tears spilled down my cheeks. Kissing the puppy’s head.
Michael wrapped his arms gently around me. Holding both me and the puppy. As though to soothe us both.
The woman came back, and the police were with her. The police asked both Michael and I questions as to what we saw. After that, I told the woman I was going to keep the puppy.
“You will need to fill out forms and pay a small fee before you can take the puppy home with you.”
I looked up at her.
“I am sorry, really sorry, just the policy we have. Otherwise, I say yes, you can just go, especially after what just happened.”
Michael looked at me. Tears were still pouring down. I couldn’t let go of the puppy. Not after what I just saw. What if the man came back to finish the puppy?
“I will keep the puppy.”
 Michael told the woman. I felt relieved. Because, I knew I couldn’t keep the puppy in my dorm. It just wasn’t allowed. And I was also relieved to know that the puppy wouldn’t be staying here anymore. The woman handed Michael the papers to sign. Heading back into his SUV, I sat there holding the puppy.
“Thank you, Michael.”
“Hey, it will be okay. I will take of the dog. The police are going to be searching for the bastard, and mean while we are going to stop by the vet.”
I looked up and nodded.  After dropping off the puppy at the vet and Michael having arranged for the vet to call him when to pick up the puppy after it’s been looked at and helped for any injures, we headed back to college. Michael didn’t say anything the whole way there. But he did take hold of my hand and held it in his the entire way back.

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