I am currently busy with editing. But, I  will post a book review tonight.  All my finals for this semester are finished.  Now, I can just concentrate on writing, editing, and reading. I apologize again for such a long delay. I really feel bad. I have also been busy going to so many doctor appointments. I have another dental appointment tomorrow at 11:40 to fill out paper work and then have to do another x-ray except this time it will cost me $70. It has to be done though. I have a wisdom tooth that needs to be surgically removed before it destroys another tooth of mine. And as for the process on how they do it, scares me. But, I rather get it done then my tooth being destroyed.

My health insurance is a pain in the butt! It won’t accept dental nor vision health care anymore starting this January. So, wrong! But, I cannot change the policy. So, that why I have all the doctor appointments like crazy. It’s going to be a long new year.

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