Book Review: Unfamous by Scotty Unfamous

Unfamous is a novel that will truly send you spiraling out of control. Readers will be lured deeply into a well written plot that will keep them locked up in a world full of unknowns. Scotty Unfamous definitely knows how to write a novel that attracts readers in and keep them hooked. The main character Rio wants to plunger herself into the rich and famous world. But by doing so she loses everything. Her female group is no longer her group. And the one man that she loves screws with her heart and screws with her friends. Rio feels lost and then when it’s too late she ends up losing her best friend, Ty. Ty loves Rio but she never wants him to say just how much he really loves her. She doesn’t want to lose him. But, she does lose him. Rio’s journey makes you laugh, cry, and scream out in frustration. There is never a dull or boring moment in this story. Every reader can relate to Rio’s desire of wanting to be rich and famous. Along with all the struggles and losses that come with it. I would recommend others to read this book. It’s a very deep, and fast-paced novel that you won’t want to put down until you have read it all. Overall, I rate this book a five out of five stars.

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