Book Review: Science of Learning by Dennis Brooks

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Science of Learning by Dennis Brooks is far the best pronunciation grammar books that I have read so far. And trust me, I have read many. Unlike most readers, I struggle constantly with pronouncing words. I cant look a the dictionary key and then say the words I have trouble with. But, after having the opportunity to read Science of Learning, I was amazed. Yes, the words were simple words, but for those like me it’s a struggle. After reading his book, I was able to pronounce words correctly. I couldn’t believe how he made saying words so easy. They way he has each word set up, is easy to figure out. The book is fun, easy, and will help speed any reader through their words like a piece of cake. I love how wonderful the book well put together and written in a way that helped me to understand so easy what many books couldn’t help me with. I would highly recommend using Science of Learning. It’s the best book in today’s market that is fun, easy, and the perfect learning tool. Overall, I would rate this book a five out of five stars.

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