Book Review: A Match for Addy by Emma Miller

Match for Addy is a perfect romance for readers all over. Emma Miller knows how to write a novel that will capture and lure her readers into the story. The plot and characters are well-written. I loved reading the story of Addy, an Amish woman. Addy is about to turn thirty soon. Her parents are pushing her to marry soon. Then send her to work at a matchmaker’s house. There she meets Gideon. An Amish man who is in no rush to marry. But soon, he and Addy fall in love with each other. But will Gideon realize he’s in love with Addy before another man takes her away? And will Addy want him as her husband? But there is still Addy’s parents who need to give their blessings. Will they give their blessings or no? I fell in love with the amazing must read characters. I would recommend this novel to every romance reader out there. This story is one that readers won’t want to miss out on. reading. Overall, I rate the novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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