Book Review: Against Her Gentle Sword by Alan Stroe

Against Her Gentle Sword is the most exciting romance that I have ever read. The entire novel is well-written. The plot with its interesting twist drives readers forward and a new yet strange society lures them in deeper. A boy who wants his freedom and equality for his society shares his plans with a few other guys. When fate brings the boy to the arena to fight his friends, that’s when everything goes wrong. Men have to fight each other with swords to win a woman’s attraction and the right to reproduce with that woman. But if they lose, they are striped naked and humiliated in front of all. Gwen chooses the one boy to fight his friends. She loves him but she has to follow their society’s rules. Women rules against the men. Will Dario win his love? Or lose his love due to defeat and humiliation from the arena? Will Gwen still love Dario even though he is against the way their society currently is? Will they form a new society o their own where both men and women are equals? To find out what happens, I highly recommend reading Against Her Gentle Sword by Alan Stroe. He definitely knows how to attract and lure in his readers through his thrilling romance novel unlike any other. Overall, I rate this amazing novel a 5 out of 5 stars.

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