More Book Reviews to Come!

Dear Viewers,

I will be posting more reviews tomorrow for you to enjoy. I hope you all have enjoyed the ones that I have posted today. These books were fun, exciting, and out of this world. I loved reading each and every book that the authors were kind and generous enough to lend me to read and review for them. I love reading and writing. Now that my finals are over, I am back on track with writing reviews and editing manuscripts. If you have a book or novel that needs editing or a free review just email me at: . My oral surgery went well and I am healing slowly. I cant eat real food yet, so I am stuck on a liquid diet until Monday. Monday is when I get my stitch removed and hopefully can eat real food and hot coffee. Right now, I am stuck drinking lukewarm coffee 😦 not the best but at least it’s something right? I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas holiday and have a Happy New Year as well.



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