I am only 60 more views away from beating my November’s viewer stats.

– In November,  I held 768 views.

– I currently have 5,965 total views on my WordPress blog.

– I have a total of 356 comments.

– I have a grand total of 931 devoted and loyal followers.

– My best number of views in one day totaled 87.

– I have completed 400 book reviews. And that’s not counting all the other sites I have completed books reviews from.

– I have edited 30 manuscripts so far.

– I have written 600+ poems total.

– I have completed 1 fiction novel; 1 non-fiction book, 5 magazine issues; and 1 journalism magazine issue equaling 8 completed writing projects total.

– I have written over 100 short stories.

– I have written 100 writing challenges.

– I have written 100 articles.

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