Merry Christmas!


Dear Viewers,

Merry Christmas! I wish you all the best and happiest New Year! I am taking a bit of a break from posting reviews due to the holidays. But, I will have tons of new reviews by both new emerging and best selling authors for you all to read.

Did you know that to be considered an excellent writer, you need at least 20,000 followers on your blog? I have only 367 followers on WordPress site alone, 306 followers on Facebook, 271 on Twitter, and 6 followers on Tumbler.  Do I add these numbers? Or do I just go by the followers from just my WordPress blog alone? Still, my numbers are not that high even when added together. If you are a writer or an editor, you will noticed I haven’t ended my sentences with a preposition. That is a major no-no. Also, I have made sure not to start any sentences with the same word repeatedly in a row. Which is the second major no-no.

Here is a phrase I would like to share with you all:

You will get only as good as you give.

This phrase is very much true. I noticed that due to the number of reviews I write and my statuses and other accomplishments have spurred my growth in being recognized by everyone as a decent book reviewer. I would like to say, I am an amazing book reviewer, but that is for all of you to decide.  When I write many reviews in a day’s time, I noticed that I get the most views. This proves the above phrase. Work hard and your reward is great. After posting so many reviews, I need to read more novels in-order to post more reviews. This takes time. And that’s where I lose viewers. Each novel I take on, is approximately 250-300 pages. A few books and or novels have more or less pages than this. But, you get the idea. Especially, if you read novels and or books yourself.

Here is another phrase, I would like to share with you all.

Platform is what you are able to do, not what you are willing to do.

Such a true phrase! Every writer knows this is the truth. If someone is willingly to do something, their heart may not be fully into what they are doing. Whereas, if someone is able to do something, then their heart is in their work. Take for example, artists. They are able to create such beautiful and breath taking pieces of artwork. Because they are able to do it, we can see their masterpieces. Writers must be able to to work hard to get where they need to be. Why? Because it’s hard work, competitive, and no one can push you to the top if you are not able to push yourself to the top. 

So, remember when it gets tough, the tough get going.  Meaning you must keep on writing, even if you feel at a lost at what to write, don’t give up on your writing! (Super long sentence, but it had to be said.)



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    1. Thank you. I will try to. I am still unsure whether or not to add all my followers following my blog on all the social media sites or not? LOL. You are doing way better than me. Happy Christmas!! 🙂

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