Every Writer’s Checklist

Every Writer’s Checklist

1) Use adverbs sparingly. Go through your writing and check for them. If you see too many so close together then you need to do one of the two things: a) delete it  OR    b) Use a stronger verb

2) Highlight any repeated words used to start sentences in a row. Then go back and substitute other words in their place. Change it up. Otherwise it will be boring to read.


4) Have at least 3 other people read through your writing to check for any mistakes and or flaws.

5) Send your completed book to an active book reviewer to critique your overall performance such as your story premise, plot, characters, and settings. And they will tell you if it’s it missing something or if it was perfect.  I suggest finding at least 5 book reviewers before taking any one book reviewer’s word for how well your story is written.

6) Be sure to write an amazing hook at the very beginning! The hook stats your character(s), setting and conflict. If you cant find it one the first page then you have some rewriting ahead of you to do.

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