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Blogging has become the new writing platform for many writers. What is a better way to write, share, and publish? Blogging. That’s right! Blogging is the new era for writers of all forms. We can write as much or as little as we like. Our audience lets us know what our writing is like by responding with likes, shares, and comments. This feedback helps us writers gain a better idea of what our writing really is like. Plus, it’s a much faster way to place your writing in the hands of many readers on a global scale.

What writer wouldn’t use blogging as their new platform? I remember this past fall at my library, we had a children’s author come visit us about blogging. She told us how she started out and how she spent every second posting posts just to get the attention she needed and then WHAM! She didn’t have to post every second of every day. Why? Because she built up her audience and they were now her regular followers. Regular followers view, comment and like what us writers post. This doesn’t mean that every post is going to hook,lure, and bait readers in every time. No one is that good. Plus, it depends on how much you write. My best advice is to post a little bit every day. Readers are attracted to active bloggers posts. Why? Because they want to read fresh new material by you.

Blogging stats help define us as new emerging writers. If you don’t believe me, ask some published writers and or publishing companies. In a query letter you can say how well your blog is doing daily. Such as you are receiving 5,000 views daily, you have at least 20,000 followers or more. That your previous writing has been published and the sales have sky rocketed.

Success is not what you are able to do but what you can do.

You as a writer can achieve success. Writing takes time to build up. This I know myself. I use to get super excited that I got a few hundred views. Thinking that I was successful when I first started to blog. But, I soon realized those numbers would never give me the title of a good writer. And so, as any writer would do, I began my research and study. I found out that to gain any big companies attention, I need at least 20,000 followers, and an average of 5,000 viewers daily. Can you imagine having those number right now? How good that feels. Well, now I knew. I know know what to consider as doing well for a blogger. And now, I am passing it on to you.

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