Editing Time!

I have currently finished editing a manuscript for Royalty Publishing House, and I am available for editing submissions. Please, feel free to check my editing services page for prices and guidelines.  No manuscript is too small or too big. If your manuscript is smaller than 3,000 words feel free to email me, and I will work out a price that will fit your budget.

I love working with authors and helping them succeed in being published. I don’t believe in charging authors sky high prices to help them edit their fabulous work that could very much be the next best selling novel or book in today’s industry. I am honored to work with both self-published and published authors on editing their work. I accept both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts.

I set my prices lower than most companies. I  know what it’s like paying out of pocket. My goal is to make editing, reviewing, and promotion a lot easier and more engaging for both readers and writers alike. I was told that my editing is very thorough. And usually takes me a week to edit most manuscripts. Unless some thing happens like having oral surgery and my computer dying on me. Then I will alert you about the circumstance(s) as to why I might need a little bit longer. I have been mentioned in a novel that was recently published called Chords of Life. I edited 25 sort stories and poems. It was an honor for me to be mentioned in an author’s novel. I do highly recommend you to read Chords of Life. It’s a collection of short stories and poems. The short stories and poems will captivate you with emotions. They will lure and hook you in until you finished the reading the very end.

If you have any questions regarding submissions and or prices, please email me at: universalcreativityinc.2014@gmail.com .

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