Writing Experiment


Writing Experiment

For this simple, yet fun experiment, I want you to choose 5 famous men and 5 famous women.

Make a list list for the men & women.

Now these 10 people are to undergo a scientific experiment.

They all have to live in an enormous size dome world where the grass is beautiful, lush and green. Inside this dome all ten have to live together. The rules are simple. They have to work together as a community to come up wit ways to provide their own oxygen, food, water and shelter. They scientisit have supplied them enough to live until the find a way to create their own. You need to choose one of the 10 people as a leader. And put each of the others in charge of:

1)Planting – this brings one of the tings needed for natural oxygen.

2) Digging a well.

3) Milking and feeding cows- this is the other needed part of natural oxygen.

4) Chopping wood.

5) Making a fire for warmth and cooking.

6) Collecting eggs from chickens.

7) Building a shelter and barn for animals.

8) Someone to collect the wool from the sheep.

9) Someone needs to be a hunter.

10) someone needs to fertilize the grounds for planting.

The scientists have paid these 10 famous people to live in this dome as an experiment to see how people come together to survive like they did back in the hunter gatherer days. It’s now up to you to pick the ten famous people. Remember 5 men and 5 women only.  Then assign them one of the 10 jobs. Write what happens when the are assigned their jobs. How do they react? Do they quit, pout, or step up to the challenge. Write about any funny or embarrassing moments that happens to nay of the people while they go about working. Include dialogue between these people.  Do they succeed in creating their own oxygen before their supply runs out? And what are the dangers of living like hunters and gatherers inside a domed shaped world? How do their instincts change? Or will they still be their same casual selves after the experiment is over?

Submit your responses to me at: universalcreativityinc.2014@gmail.com for feedback and critique on your writing experiment These writing experiments will be graded on the following formats:

– spelling

– punctuation

– formatting

– dialogue

– plot

– did it contain a hook?

– was it suspenseful?

– was it alluring?

-was it exciting?

-were there 10 people; 5 men and 5 women?

– was there a job assigned to each person?

– did the writer use action verbs over passive verbs?

– grammar

– character development

                                                Can you do it? Are you up to the writing experiment?

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