Book Review: A Desperate Fortune by Susanna Kearsley

A Desperate Fortune by Susanna Kearsley is a highly fascinating read that will capture readers everywhere. The plot is brilliantly well written and the interesting characters are breath-taking. I fell in love with the novel from the beginning. Susanna Kearsley is a genius when crafting together this story for others to read. The story is about an amateur  code breaker, Sara Thomas, who is hired to crack the contents of a mysterious journal that hasn’t been seen for 300 years.  But as she unravels the contents she encounters troubles from all over. There’s the one who hired her, her neighbor, and the original owner of the journal whose contents are much different from what everyone thought. I recommend reading this novel and follow Sara as she discovers the journal’s hidden contents, and her journey through it all. What will she discover in the journal? And how will she deal with her findings? And what about the one who hired and her neighbor? Will Sara the code breaker be able to figure the mystery all out? And what happens when she does? A very intriguing and exciting world created by Susanna Kearsley. This novel should be read by all. Overall, I rate the novel a five out of five stars.

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