Book Review: Full Throttle by Julie Ann Walker

Full Throttle is a dashing hot read that readers won’t want to put down. It’s plot is intoxicating and thrilling. A story full of excitement and adventure. Intriguing and beautifully well written, Full Throttle is a must read.  A president’s daughter was born into a life in the spotlight of politics. She had no say so in this choices and leaves her father to his politics. It isn’t soon when danger come snatching her away to a whole another world. A world full of danger. And there is only on person in her world that can now save her. The same man who loved her and was heart broken when she called off their relationship. Carlos Soto now has to go a mission to save a women from her kidnappers. With only a fifty percent chance of surviving will the Carlos be able to save the only woman he ever loved? And will Abby Thompson finally let her feelings lose and fall in love with the only man who ever cared about and risked his life to come save her? Or will she only break his heart all over again? This is one romantic suspense novel that readers can’t do without. I recommend Full Throttle to every reader who loves both a sexy and dangerous read. Julie Ann Walker has a superb talent for writing the best suspense novels. She clearly knows how to hook, bait, and lure her readers in with every novel. Overall, Full Throttle is a five out of five stars.

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