Book Review: The Importance of Being Alice

The Importance of Alice by Katie MacAlister is definitely a must read and must be placed on every reader’s to-do list. I loved this spontaneous and outright funny, sweet, and steamy novel. A woman is supposed to be going on a cruise the man she was to marry. But, he called their wedding off only days just before. And just when Alice Wood thought she would be spending the cruise all alone, she ends up sharing it with a mysterious man. A man who makes her want him in her life forever. But will Alice get her happy ever ending? Or will fate again play with her already broken heart? And will this mysterious man want Alice Wood in his life? He is trying to write a book but when he meets Alice, she causes his life to go up in uncertainty. Will fate be good to them or just toy with their emotions? I loved and thoroughly enjoyed reading this delightfully entertaining novel. The characters a re charming and easy to relate too. This will lure readers in by the ton. It’s no wonder that Katie MacAlister is a bestselling author. Her well written pot and characters are out of this world. I recommend picking this noel up and start reading it. You won’t be disappointed that you did. Overall, I rate the stunning romance a five out of five stars.

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