Prewriting is the process of organizing your thoughts. For example, as a novelist, I would think of a character, a conflict, and a setting. Then, I would create three big boxes. Inside of these big boxes, I would jot down a few sentences as to what will happen in the beginning, middle and ending. I can add characters and or other settings as I go about filling up my boxes. But, my greatest advice is to just start out with a character, a conflict, and a setting. Using those three boxes I mentioned.


This is the stage in your writing where you add more to those few sentences in those 3 boxes. The beginning, middle, and ending. For the beginning did you introduced who your character was? Did you mention what the problem was that the character is having? Did you state where your character and this conflict is happening from? These must be written in the beginning.  Then there is the middle, what happened that caused another dilemma for your character(s)? What did your character do that lead them to this new conflict and disaster?  Now the ending, based off your character’s reaction of the disaster from the second conflict, what does your character now decide to do to resolve it? Will the issue be solved, or is it one that can’t be solved but throughout the novel your character has changed from who he or she was in the beginning. Or maybe you can use a cliffhanger that will readers to read your next novel to find out if what they found out in the last chapter will lead them to next? New adventures and new characters? How exciting, right?


Revising is the process in your writing where you as a writer comb through your draft for errors, and or to find what’s missing? Maybe you need more dialogue between characters? Maybe, you need to make the conflicts more interesting. Maybe your characters need a little more work to make them more believable to your readers. Read through your draft aloud several times. Ask a family member or one or more friends to read through your draft. Ask them what they think.before you change anything in your draft! This is what revising is all about.


Editing is where your revised draft(s) are being thoroughly searched through for any grammatical errors, formatting, fluency, structure, plot, characters, dialogue and tone of voice. Did you use punctuation correctly? Did you use commas correctly? Do you have any misspelled words? Do you have any passive verbs that need to be changed to action verbs? Do you have complete sentences?


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