Computer to Hardcopy


Creating and crafting books is much easier today than it has ever been. Writers are so dependent on their technology to help them deliver their best of work all over the world. Technology has definitely shaped a writer’s world. We can type up our novels, short stories and poems from anywhere and at a much faster rate. Our work can be shared on a global level. This is a major feat for us writers. We want the whole world to know about our work. My source of technology consists of a Nextbook 2 in 1. It’s both a portable tablet and a laptop for me. It contains Microsoft Office 365, Windows 8.1, both front and back facing cams, a full keyboard, and it updates regularly without me having to do anything or having to buy more software to upgrade my computer. I love it. It is both beneficial for school work and writing.  And my amazing piece of technology only cost me a grand total of $179. An amazing and yet unbeatable price for technology that does everything.

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