Dear Viewers

Dear Viewers,

I have recently received my book voucher for my spring semester. But as always the college still charges more for their books. So, I went to Amazon and bought two college textbooks which if I had only rented from my college would have cost me $400 + tax! Amazon was my best bet and so, I got both textbooks for a grand total of $152 intead of $400+. Now, how’s that for being a smart shopper? Colleges are still in my opinion ripping students off. Just look at the tuition prices per credit hour. My college raises it’s tuition up after every semester and yet, I hear them say their budgets for a lot of things have been cut. How’s that possible? It’s just so, frustrating.

Anyway, I am currently working on writing a 500 word essay spiling my guts out about my whole life to convince my college that I am qualified for their scholarship plus other local scholarships. The essay is due by April 1st, but I want to complete it now and turn it in asap. The scholarship would greatly help me out weither to cover what I paid for fall semester, or fall semester’s books ($1,700 + $400) it would still help me out. Until I can secure a paying job while attending college full time, I am fully dependent on whatever money I can get from the scholarships. I used my fall semester’s aid money to pay for spring semester’s tuition.

I recently applied for a paid freelancing job. It’s a small job. But, it would help me out a tiny bit. If accepted, I coud make $3,600 a year. I would be making at least $75 a week or $200 per month. That is a nice amount to save for gas money. We live five miles out of town and money is tight. So, every penny helps us out.

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