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Any authors out there interested in having their book on the front cover of Universal Creativity Inc’s magazine cover?  This opportunity would be a great way to promote your book and or novel, plus you get a section featuring your bio, interview Q&A, along with promotion of both current and future works from you. If you are interested in this wonderful promotion opportunity provided free of cost to you then please, email me at: universalcreativityinc.2014@gm and I will work with you on the details.

Calling all authors, if you would like Universal Creativity Inc. to feature your books and or novels in our digital magazine than hurry now and contact us right away. The cost is free and seeing your work published by a company online that has 5,000 viewers on a regular basis than this is for you.

Also, we have $5 editing cost going on now and until January 12th. All short stories are welcomed. And or nonfiction manuscripts as long as they are all under the 7,500 word limit. Anything higher than that will be charged $10.

Poets are welcomed to send in their poetry to be published in our digital magazine as well. We welcome all forms of poetry.

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