Book Review: Blood Moon by Alexndra Sokoloff

Blood Moon by Alexandra Sokoloff is astounding. Her creative talents have lured readers to award nominated FBI series. This story is mysterious, thrilling, and enough intrigue to keep readers hooked forever.  Twenty-five years since the slaughtering of three families. And only one survived. This one lone survivor was a child. But now is a main suspect on the FBI radar. Can the trained FBI member solve the case of the new murders, keep an eye on the suspect while wanting to  protect her, and maintain a professional distance away from her? Or will this lone survivor trick  the FBI agent into becoming more than friends with her only to lure him deep into a devastating trap? Is she the killer the FBI  suspect her of being? Or is the real murderer out there toying with her mind and the minds of the FBI? Alexandra Sokoloff has a stunning FBI series that will leave you breathless and wanting to read every book in this bone chilling and suspenseful series. I loved reading this novel and I know many others will find it just as incredible as I did. A world of fast pace adventures, murder, and mystery all in one. A must read novel. I recommend reading this novel. I rate it a five out of five stars.

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