Book Review: Letting Your Hair Down by Fiona Price

Letting Your Hair Down by Fiona Price is a must read novel. A story we all know but with a twist that will leave you wanting to read more. Twenty-two year old Sage Rampion is the new modern-day Rapunzel. She lives a very sheltered life until one day a naked man name Ryan comes crashing her world of tight walls. Sage witnesses him modeling and wants to warn him, but can she without getting into trouble with her grandma. The  number one person no one wants to be enemies with. What happens when Ryan and Sage become close? What will Sage’s grandma try to do? In this modern-day story, so many possibilities of what could happen to both Sage and Ryan will lure you in like no other modern-day fairy tale.

I highly recommend this masterpiece to readers everywhere. A world like our own but yet so different. What happens to a modern-day Rapunzel and her man? Will they both survive this tale to live another day? Or will Sage’s  grandma have her way with them both? The intrigue is fascinating. I couldn’t put Fiona Price’s novel down until I finished reading every chapter. Her words have a way of captivating her audience and taking them deep into her world of adventure. I loved this novel. I give it a five out of five stars.

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