Book Review: A Matchmaker’s Christmas by Donna Lea Simpson


A Matchmaker’s Christmas by Donna Lea Simpson is definitely a must read novel. Her story will move you like no other. Her story is about an older woman who sets up a young woman and man together by forcing them to spend time together in the same place. How brilliant yet well written the plot is, causing all to be lost deep into its center. I found it hard to tear away from the novel. The characters are so compelling. The young woman is determined to ignore the man whom she is attracted to. But will the matchmaker convince these that they are indeed a perfect match for Christmas? Or will al of her attempts on the young couple be a waste of time and effort? A delightful and beautiful story. I highly recommend readers to read A Matchmaker’s  Christmas. I fell in love reading this cozy novel and I know many others will too. Overall, I rate the novel a five out of five stars.

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