Book Review: Beyond All Dreams by Elizabeth Camden

Beyond All Dreams is definitely a must read by all readers! Elizabeth Camden has masterfully crafted an entincing and most engaging novel. A world where a quiet libarian such as Anna is fascinated to find out how a ship mysteriously just disappeared. And she doesn’t embark on this adventure alone. Anna soon finds herself asking well-known politician such as Luke to help her find her answers. But what they uncover leads them more secrets to unearth than either one of them baragianed for.  Both Anna and er new companion  are complete opposites. And opposites attract. Anna is forbidden to engage fully in a romantic relationship with any politician. And Luke is just as interested in Anna as she is in him. Can they solve the mystery of the ship, unearth all other secrest, and still have a life with each other? Or will all of their findings lead them to a life apart? A rivieting and mst fabulous read. Readers will be hooked instantly be the intrigue of Anna and the romance brewing between her and Luke. I loved reading this spectacular novel, and I recommend others to read it. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.

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