Book Review: Huntress Moon (Book 1) by Alexandra Sokoloff

Alexandra Sokoloff has done it again! Her first novel in this exciting FBI series will lure readers in like crazy. Once again, we follow an FBI agent undcovering a serial killer before more deaths occur. But sadly, FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke has to witness the death of one of his team members right in front of his eyes. As he trails the murderer he finds it is a woman serial killer. She had made some new friends but is it too late to save those she gets too close to? Or will FBI Special Agent Matthew Roarke end up savig them before more blood spills? And can he catch the woman serial killer before she kills everyone on her list? Or will she escape the FBI Agent’s clutch one again? This is one murder mystery readers won’t want to miss out on reading. A thrilling but adventureous story with a well written plot like no other. I found this novel worth reading and will not hesitate in recommending to readers all over the world. Alexandra Sokoloff has the talent and the way with words that many writers wish they had. Her characters are compelling and her suspense is killing. Overall, I rate Huntress Moon a five out of five stars.

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