Writing a Personal Essay

The do’s and don’ts of personal essays:

– Do research on who you want your target audience to be.

– Don’t send in stuff that editors get all the time.

– Do send in the unusual, provocative, or controversal.

– Don’t take the easy route. Do go for something deeper. Like something that is polictical and engaging about our world.

– Do find a way to take someting that is popular and use it in away to create a hook that will captivate and lure your readers into your compeling personal essay.

– Don’t write someting that you can’t write from an outside persective. Pretend you are a fly on the wall listening in on a couple’s conversation.

– Do find someone to critique your personal essay or to edit it for feedback before seding in the final copy.

– Do follow the submission guidlelines for what editors want in the queries when submitting.

Places to Send Your Personal Essays to:

– The New York Times Modern Love

– The New York Times Magazine Lives

– Psychology Today Two-Minute Memoir

– Self

– Cosmopolitan

– AARP The Magazine

– Salon..com Lifestyle section

– The New Yorker

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