Book Reiew: Nate by Anita Claire

Nate (The Princesses of Silicon Valley Book 4)

Anita Claire has once again written another brilliant yet stunning masterpiece. B ook four, Nate, is a must read roamnce. Hot, sexy, and irresitible.  This story can be read  without having read all the previous novels before it. But, I still recommend reading them from the beginning.  Nate is a hot football player who thought e found the woman of is dreams until she breaks his heart. This then leads Nate to rediscovering what type of woman he really wants to be with and Juliette seems to be that woman. But is she? Or is she not? Will Juliette even want to go out with Nate who was once her roommate’s boyfriend? Or will she let go of the one good man for her? I highly suggest reading on to find out what happens and doesn’t happen between both of these two main characters. Nate is a man committed to only one woman. Will he have that chance with Julitte or once again be cast to the side like Juliette’s roommate did?  This story is unique unlike all the others before it because it is told by Nate’s point of view.  I loved reading the fascinating and remarkable series by Anita Claire. Nate is a must read! A novel that you won’t be able to put down. Overall,, I rate this novel a five out of five stars!

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