Book Review: Port Honor by T.S. Dawson

Port Honor by T.S. Dawson is by far an amazing novel. The story is compelling, intriguing and heart-felt. I loved reading T.S. Dawson’s novel. It’s truly a magnificent masterpiece beautifully well-written with interesting characters. Readers will have a hard time placing this fictional romance down. All the right details that will lead you deeper into the heart of the plot. This contemporary piece is about a young woman who is dumped upon her grandparents and later on loses her grandpa. Millie’s grandpa was the center of her core of strength and then just when she learned how to be strong, a man unlike any other comes into her life. Her boss Gabriel Hewitt is a strong man who can easily be eye candy for any woman near him. His looks and manners leave Millie feel like her world is falling a part once more. But, will it be for a good reason such as new love blooming in her life? Or will it be to her own destruction? Port Honor is one unpredictable novel of the century. A unique story that will reel readers in from everywhere. The main character Millie and her new adventures will leave readers breathless.  I found this novel captivating and I highly suggest this novel to all readers. I rate this stunning novel a five out of five stars.

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