Book Reivew: Chopin’s Ghost by Cary Grossman

Chopin's Ghost (Chopin's Family)

Chopin’s Ghost by Cary Grossman is by far the most amazing musician’s novel. A thriller within a mystery. The story is about Robin a rock band musician who is constantly haunted and tormented by Chopin’s ghost. Robin has strange dreams and the ability to change the weather without realizing it. He can also predict someones death. Robin can only take so much from a ghost that won’t leave im alone. After having enough, Robin decides to quit, only to ose is wife and their daughter. Can Robin face Chopin’s ghost and find his wife and daughter? Or will he never find them? And what will Chopin’s ghost do when faced with a determined former rock musician who won’t go away until he finds his wife and daughter? Cary Grossman’s novel was absolutely entertaining and mysterious. Bringing forth two musicians, paranormal happenings, and a thrilling romance it is no wonder the novel is addictive. A stunning piece that will leave readers not wanting to pu the novel down. The story is highly compelling and luring. I loved reading this spectacular novel. I highly recommend this novel to readers everywhere. A story that will kep you hooked forever. Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

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