Seducing A Bad Boy

Lora had it bad. Being a Catholic, she wasn’t allowed to think such thoughts about a man. But, when it came to bad boy, Michael. All it took was just looking at him and her mind went spiraling out of control with those wicked lustful thoughts on what she and Michael would be doing. Her lacey blue thong panties felt wet. Lora ran her hand down her slim body slowly down her stomach. Stopping right at the tip of her panties, Lora closely her eyes and dips her hand down lower into hot mound. Using use fingers she gently separates the lips of her pussy and forces not only but two fingers in and out of her soaking wet core. Feeling instant pleasure Lora drives her fingers in and out constantly going faster. The pressure sending her on over the edge as her orgasm erupts. Crashing down onto her soft comforter, Lora wanted more. But convincing Michael that she was more than a good girl who is hot enough to fulfill his desires, would be a challenge. Where to begin and how to start? Getting up Lora rushes back to her window. But Michael was already gone.  No sign of his motorcycle anywhere.


Michael worked on cleaning his motorcycle, trying hard to get the luscious curves of Lora out of his head. Her swaying hips, and tiny waist with her long legs made his head spin.  Thoughts of what he could be doing to her right this very moment was getting him nowhere. Except for a huge bulge in his tight jeans wanting to spring out and forcefully plunge in and out of her soaking wet pussy. Hiking up that snug skirt of her and wrapping those incredible legs around his waist as with her high heels on made his cock throb painfully within its refinements. Damn it! Lora had no idea what she was playing at. Tempting him with her sweet ways such as her sucking on the red lollipop earlier. Fuck, cleaning his bike. It wasn’t distracting him like he thought.

“Hey, Kyle. I’m heading out to the bar.”

“Okay, dude. See you later.”


Michael hopped onto his bike and speed out to the local town’s bar. Maybe he can find a woman willing enough to take his aching away. There was no way he was going to hurt Lora by taking her innocence just because she was clueless as to how much she teased him. Not just teased him, but tempted him so close to just taking her there on the spot.  But damn! He needed a good fuck just to get her out of his head. His body responded to fast to Lora more than he wanted it to.


Lora went through her wardrobe and found exactly what she wanted. A pink strapless dress that stopped just above her knees. And then pairing it with her black ankle boots, and a white cardigan. Lora should be able to convince any man at the local bar to dance with her and maybe a little more. This would be the perfect way to get under Michael’s skin and to get word to him about her being with another man.  Yeah, she wasn’t supposed to be sleeping around until after marriage but then again Lora lost her virginity back when she was sixteen. She remembered it as those it happened yesterday. Her junior prom night with the high school’s prominent football quarterback. He promised to make all her dreams come true. But all he did was left her to wanting more of what they started that night. He introduced her to a world full of nothing but lust. Lora was thirsty for something deeper. But right after senior graduation he left her feeling noting but empty and hungry for more. Lora had to hide her inner cravings. And for a long time she thought she lost all of those cravings until she set her eyes on Michael. Lora wants nothing more than to have her go at seducing that bad ass biker and his sexy body that called to her in more ways than she liked. Her body was humming with energy.


This is just the beginning! I need help! I need all of you to tell me what you think of this beginning.Am I going about this the right way? I am going to be adding tons of dialogue starting in the next scene. But, I need to accomplish the following:

FRESH VOICE, witty, fast paced, smart, snappy dialogue, modern, and addictive. No purple prose, or wilting virginal heroines, please! We want to read about the toughest, bad boy hero you can dream up.

Please post your thoughts and critiques in the comment area! Thank you!

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