A major thank you to all my veiwers and followers! I have a grand total of 1,148 views just for this month and it’s not even over yet. I hope to expand this number somewhere into the 2,000’s if not higher before the month is over. I am shocked beyond words at the numbers I have received lately, in a (OMG!) good way. I had a grand total of 6,046 total views from last year. So, having 1,148 views for the first month of the new year is a great way to blow me away speechless. If I can keep this number going for each month than I will be super excited and so blessed with having such loyal and determined indivduals who work hard in making me succeed just by their views, likes, and comments. And follows! Every writer and especially a blogger can’t survive without our our dedicated and loyal followers.

I have 591 dedicated and loyal followers who are amazing writers, editors, poets, and fellow bloggers! I appreciate each and everyone of you! I can’t be who I am without you all. Thank you, very much for following me. For viewing me posts, for liking my posts, and for your unwavering feedback. My goal is to expand my follower numbers to 1,000 this year.  If, I can achieve the 1,000 followers this year then I will be closer to getting to the beginner’s level of being a blogger/ writer. To be considered a beginner, one needs to have a minimum of 5,000 followers. So, you see why my goal is to aim for at least 1,000.

All in all, I just want to say a major thank you to everyone one of you whom have helped me reach these amazing stats and leading me on to improving even higher yet. I am thankful for eveything that you all have done to help me succed in such a way. I am still just beginning my journey as a writer and blogger. But becuase of all of you, I am getting closer and closer to my dreams.

                               THANK YOU!

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