Book Review: One More Kiss by Mandy Baxter

One More Kiss by Mandy Baxter is the perfect read. A sensationally hot romance that stirs all kinds of trouble. The hot good kind of trouble in the form of a sexy US Marshal Landon McCabe. Life was okay for Emma Ruiz until Landon McCabe comes to her door asking for her father who escaped prison and has cancer. Emma is working on proving her father’s innocence and trying to take care of him. But, now with a US Marshal hot on her heels it’s hard to hide her father and distract the Marshal. She thought she could sway the Marshal’s thoughts away with just a kiss. But then the one kiss turns into something more for both of them. Can Landon and Emma work together to find who framed her father before they find her? And will Landon risk his whole life and career for a woman wo sparks his interest in more ways than just kissing? Will they be able to solve the case and continue with the begging of a long relationship? Or will Landon and Emma lose everything just to prove her father’s innocence? This is one  fascinating novel that I highly recommed to readers. A novel that readers won’t want to miss out reading. Overal, I rate the novel a five out of five stars.

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