Book Review: The Replacement by Jason Pellegrini

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The Replacement by Jason Pellegrini is absolutely a thrilling must read for readers everywhere. Highly captivating plot and unique twists that will lead readers straight into the heart of all the danger. A serial killer playing with two cops minds and aways ahead of them. Can the two cops, one having been retired brought back on and the other a homicide cop, bring the killer to a stop before things get worse not only for the dead victims bt for the two new partners as well.  This brilliant novel has enough suspense to keep readers lured in to the end. But how will it all end? Especially when the two partner are fighting with each other? And who is the serial killer? Will the two cops always be behind the serial killer or will they  finally be able to out to the killer? And how?

Jason Pellegrini has a way with writing that brings his dangerous world alive and off the pages. Readers can never be bored with his fast paced and adventurous world. finding out who the killer is, is indeed hard to guess as readers follow both characters as they try to solve the case before more chaos happens. I highly recommend following Patrick Sullivan and his partner Jonathan Hawkins as they work together in bringing down the serial killer. This is indeed one interesting and very intriguing novel that readers won’t want to miss out on reading. Overall, I rate The Replacement a five out of five stars.

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