Book Reivew: Honey by Cary Grossman

Benjamin Scream is a forty-five year old musician who meets nineteen year old Honey. He thought he had gone through everything that is until Honey comes along and stirs emoition deep inside him that he can’t ignore. oney having successfully made her life forself wants to experience more from her hero. Together they will explore all there is to find. But will Benjamin be able to give Honey what she really wants from him or not? And where does that leave them? Will Honey be able to convince her hero to give her what she wants so badly?

This story is a must read and one that will keep you lured in as the plot continues to unfold. I enjoyed reading how Cary Grossman can bring the characters to life and out of the novel. Despite the characters age differences the romance and hot steamy scenes will keep readers up all night long. The story is a perfect hot read and I highly recommend others everywhere to read it. The characters are easy to connect with and amazing to follow. Overall, I rate Honey a five out of five stars.

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