Book Review: Of Shadow & Stone by Michelle Muto

Of Shadow & Stone by Michelle Muto is a very intriguing science fiction fantasy that will leave readers breathless. Michelle Muto knows how to captivate readers and give them  a sense of danger and suspense with every page. I could not put the novel down. The story is about a young woman, Kate Mercer, has her own problems such as a promising career, a crazy stalker, and an ex boyfriend. She is soon chosen as the new mortal to master the Gargoyles of an ancient castle. There she falls in love with Ian McGuire, a novelist, and together they must learn to control the stone beasts before fate of all mankind is destroyed.  A world unlike any other. A novel that will take readers deep into a thrilling mysterious fantasy that all will love. Will they be able to master they beasts before it’s too late or will mankind’s protection be gone forever? I highly recommend reading this story and find out what happens next! Overall, I rate Of Shadow & Stone a five out of five stars.

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