Book Review: Whose Am I? by Angela Whitehead

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Whose Am I? Is and excellent read for all women regarding age. A story told about a young girl’s journey as a Christian being tested. Can Sharlee keep her Christian faith and still have fun at her senior prom with the tall and handsome new guy Lukas at her school? Or will she be tempted away from her Christian faith? And even though she is falling in love will Lukas feel the same or not? Can her and Lukas survive their rocky times and still come out of it all on top? I highly recommend this enjoyable and wonderful journey as the characters pop off the pages before your eyes and fill you in a world much like our own.  Angela Whitehead has done a superb job when it comes to hooking her readers into an intriguing plot that is beautifully well written. A novel that all readers should pick up and read. So many lessons that we all can learn from this brilliant novel. Overall, I rate this novel a five out of five stars.

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