Need A Writing Challenge?

Here is a writing challenge for all writers:

-Starting today, you will need to brainstorm ideas for a creative nonfiction piece to write.

– Then starting on Monday February 1st, you will begin writing your nonfiction piece. You need  to write at least 1,500 words worth for Monday. 

Now, all of you fiction writers, are probably saying this isn’t for me sorry. And then pass on to something else. But, hey guess what? I too am a fiction writer and my first real attempt at writing a creative nonfiction piece got the attention of a company. So, yes, this is for you fiction and nonfiction writers alike.

How does a fiction writer go about writing a nonfiction piece? That’s a very good question. First you need to think of creative nonfiction as just another fiction novel.

For example, you are to write about a travel experience. I don’t travel. I have traveld but nothhing worth writing about, so I come with a random character name like Jennifer Winston. So, now I have Jennifer Winston and she needs to have traveled to a real place, and seen or do real things.

So, then I search for a place Jennifer WInston would like to travel. Ah, yes, let’s make this character of mine a rich singe woman who inherited a lot of money from her parents who have both passed away. And so Jennifer loves traveling and exploring new places and has no worries about how much anything cost, right? Because she’s wealthy.

So, then my next plan is were would a wealthy woman like to travel to and what woud she like to see. I go to te internet and search for places to travel untill my eyes have found an interesting enough place to travel to and explore. Let’s say I chose Rome as my designation. Well, where is Jennifer Winston from? Once I write where she is from that has an airport, I can then mention her experience of traveling in first class upon (name of plane company) and she over hears a couple near hear arguing. And then the husband walks away to pour himself a class to drink, and then next thing you know the husband is dead! And so that concludes the first chapter. Jennifer’s plan has landed and the proper authorities arrive on scene. Jennifer and all other passengers are to get their stuff from the airport and leave. Jennifer has to wait for her luggage to arrive and while waiting she sees a younger man talking in Italian on his cell. 

“What do you mean he’s dead? He was alive before he boarded the plane!” The young man was clearly angry about the other man dying. But why? Jennifer decides to go up to the man asking him if he knows where the best hotel is located. He looks at her and smiles politely, “Ah, miss, you are beautiful for the eyes. The best location is at (name of location).”

“Thank you, and my name is Ms. Winston,” she said leaving the young man staring behind her. 

The above is just a sample piece. But like I said, this is not just for nonfiction writers. Fiction writers can do this challenge as well!

So, you are to plan your topic for your creative nonfiction piece from today and until Sunday night. Then on Monday, you have to begin writing your 1,500 words of your creative nonfiction piece! After you have completed your 1,500 words for Monday, simply leave a comment saying, “I completed the planning stage, and I begun my 1,500 word challenge.”

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