How to Write a Romance Story?

How to Write a Romance Story?

1) Create a catchy line. You can do this by using dialogue between two people or internal conflict inside a character’s mind. Or by introducing the conflict early on.

ex:  Pacing the floor, Cassandra felt that something was off. He should have been here an hour ago. Tony said he would be here. Looking out the window for the hundredth time, Cassandra saw Tony. Rushing out the house trough the front door she runs out to him. But, he’s not there.  Feeling a chill rush down her spine, Cassandra calls out, “Tony, I’m here where are you?”  Silence. Walking a few more feet out, Tony appears once again. But this time right in front of her saying, “Get away, while you can!” Then disappears. Shock beyond words, Cassandra is glued in her spot. Not moving a single fraction.

Soon out of nowhere, lightning strikes a pole nearby and it falls towards Cassandra.

Screaming, Lori wakes up with fright. Who was Cassandra and Tony? And why did she keep having the same dream over and over again. Getting up, she heads to the bathroom.  Turning the faucet on, water starts to flow closing her eyes, she splashes her face. Feeling the coolness refresh her, Lori looks up and sees blood all over her face! What the hell!

She takes the towel and wipes it all off. Panicking, she runs to her brother’s room. “Kyle, wake up! Wake up! Wake up!”

Moaning he turns to his sister. “What happened now?”

“I had the same dream again. And then I washed my face and there was blood all over me! Here, look at this towel!” Lori says tossing it to im. Catching it, he felt the cold wet dampness. Turning the lamp on, they both saw it covered with blood.

“That’s it, we are telling mom and dad now!” Kyle informed her as he got up and went to wake their parents.

After awhile everyone was gathered in the small white kitchen. And by everyone, there were her grandparents on both sides, her aunts and uncles and their parents. They were all looking at the blood soaked towel and whispering.

“What does this mean? And why me?” Lori asked out loud. Breaking the silence in the room. Everyone turned to stare at her.

“Lori dear, you are a witch. We all are witches and warlocks. You have the telepathic ability to see and her things that have either happened, going to happen, or will happen,” grandmamma explained gently.

“Witches don’t exist!” Lori shouted. Looking at her brother Kyle for reassurance, he just looks at her like she’s crazy.

“Honey, witches do exist. Watch this,” her mother directed her.

Wavering her hand, the fridge opened up and the milk came out poured itself into a glass and went back into the fridge with the door closing silently behind it. Staring in shock, Lori didn’t know what to say. She always knew that her and her family were different but not that different.

“We need to start her lessons and training now. This will keep happening until she learns how to control her abilities,” her father said.

“I agree, with you son but who will train her what she needs to know?” Her grandfather questioned him.g

“Matt will teach Lori everything she needs to know,” grandmamma told everyone firmly.

“Yeah, Matt will be great for Lori,” Kyle agreed.

“Wait, who is Matt? And why can’t one of you teach me?” Lori looked around the kitchen.

“Lori, it’s the tradition of things. A witch or wizard needs someone outside the family to teach them what they need to learn. Matt is about your age and a good warlock,” her father explained.

“Yes, I think Matt will be good for you,” her mother stated.

“Well then it’s settled, tomorrow we will have Matt begin teaching her. Kyle, you go tell him,” grandmamma confirmed.

The others headed back to bed. But Lori, felt so alone. Her strange dreams, and then she finds out she’s a witch just like the rest of her family. And who was Matt? How come she never met him? And how can a boy her age help her learn everything she needs to know? So many questions.


2) Let your thoughts just flow. Like mine did above. I didn’t mean to write so much, but once you get a sentence or two down it’s hard to stop.

3) Read novels within the romance genre. Who is your targeted audience? Is it teens, or adults? What kind of romance do you like? Usually romances that you enjoy within a certain subgenre such as paranormal romance will usually be your strong suit when writing. Write what you know and constantly read about.

4) experiment with your writings.  If you can’t write anything down. Try writing a line about something that happened to you or something that happened recently and then put a twist to it, making it highly fictional. You can take an argument you either saw or heard and the create two characters in place of the two people arguing. Now change up the argument about something similar or something completely made up. Then use this to lead to a break up in one’s marriage, of engagement. Did the hurt party want to get revenge on his or her lover? Was the lover a cheater? Or abusive? And does the victim survive the disaster only to find a new love? Or will your character die from a broken heart or worse? There are so many ways to write your romance.

5) Have fun with your writing. 

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