Want to Write Flash Fiction?

Writing Flash Fiction is Easy!

1) Choose your conflict. What is happening in your fiction? What do you want to happen?

2) Choose your characters wisely! Haha, yes, this is important. Characters are the ones making the mistakes, and or choices within your writing. Who are they? Bad guy? Bad girl? Good guy/ good girl? The hero or villain? They can be anyone! They can have a split personality. Or they be somebody famous who has a bad reputation but tin the end turns out to be the hero. It’s up to you. You just need to decide.

3) Create the plot! Is your bad guy/ girl who seems to be the killer acutally be the victim? I mean wow, that is something that your readers will want to know especailly at the end. Does your 26 year-old virgin finally find a man or woman the he or she wants to finally settle down with after having one hell of a night stand? Or will will they end up losing the only person that really understood and loved them?

4) The ending. Show us readers what happens…did the so called murderer get murdered leaving everyone including the authorites wondering who the real killer is while the real killer is watching them all from a distance? Or does does the virgin finally get his or her happy ending that they thought was never meant for someone like them? See, this is easy.

5) Write it all down! You can write the flash until you piece the sentences together! So, why wait? Begin writing your flash fiction now.

EX: Mindy was in her dressing room when she heard fighting break out. Mindy walks towards the shouting. Both a man and woman’s voice could be heeard. Next thing Mindy knows is that the man, her whoe happens to be her ex, falls down. And the mysterious woman runs. Mindy walks over to her ex, Michael. His chest was heaving with blood. Mindy looks and sees a wierd object that looks like a gun. Few seconds later a shot rings out nearby. And her ex deleivers his last breathe just as  others run towards her and Michael. Everyone sees Mindy on the floor kneeling besides her ex, with the weapon. Police come and arrest Mindy. She keeps telling them they have the wrong lady. But the police have all of the hard evidence they need. Only her prints were on the gun. And everyone who knew her and Michael were having issues. There were too many witnesses saying theyheard a shot and saw Mindy holidn the weapon staring at her ex. Three days later, the police get a letter written by a woman saying she killed Michael. They police release, Mindy and decide to follow her every where. Two police officers, sit inside a beat up old suv outside Mindy’s apartment. Mindy walks in. Tries flickig the lights on, but to no use. She feels a chill trembling down her spine. She fumbles for her flashlight, when a voice says, “You’re next.” They police waited and waited but Mindy never came back out of her apartment. Thinking she gave tem the slip, they bang on her door. No answer. Turning the door knob, they walk in and see Mindy laying across the floor with a rose lying onto of her body. They police search but no signs of a break in. The murderer watches the police as they bag hat little evidence they find. Laughinng, the murderer turns around and plans his new kill.

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