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I am currently working on editing a new manuscript for a publishing house. This one is more challenging, but I am ready for the new challenge. Completely unlike any other manuscript that I have laid eyes on so far. Book reviews will be posted asap. I have new novels to share with everyone. Ten new novels to be exact.

I have recently applied for a managing editor position. Now, whether or not they will accept me is still up in the air. I run the same tasks as the managing editor position does, but most of my tasks are free. What does a managing editor do? A managing editor is the chief of all marketing, promotions, and editing for each new author that is signed on with the company. I would love this position not because it pays, but it would allow me to call for submissions for new romance authors to send their manuscripts in to me for reviewing and to decide whether or not their mauscript will be a great fit for the company to work with. Then as the editing manager, I will edit the author’s manuscript and work with a team the does the book design covers and all. That would be fascinating to do. This one part of the job, I don’t do now. But, I am thinking of extending the service later on for my fellow authors.  Of course, as a book reviewer, I have worked with countless numbers of amazing authors. And if I was aceted for this paid full time position, I would go back and shift through all my author contacts and check out the romance authors who haven’t been published by a company yet and ask them for submissions in consideration to be become published.

Now, that would be the best part of the job! 🙂

I have filled out a form by this company offering this position and I am waiting back on the final verdict. If I am not accepted, I will not give up my dreams of helping every author whom needs my help in marketing, and promoting their work to become successful as published authors.

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    1. Thank you, they emailed me back saying I will be told either tomorrow or Thursday if I have been accepted! 🙂 I’m

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