Novel Idea?

Want to write a historical novel or any kind of novel?

Stpe 1:  Write a letter. This can be to a friend, a lover, or a family member. Or it can be  to a stranger whom who never met but know the name and address of that you need to telll them someting.

Step 2: State why you are writing this letter. Is because you lost your job? Your house?  A spouse? A child? Or is it because you won the lottery? Got into the best schools around? Or that you just got engaged? Or had your first child?

Step 3: Write about the other person’s reaction to this letter. Was it sympaty? Anger? Jealousy? Or happiness.

Step 4: Have this letter recipient write back. What will this person say? Will this person pursuade or ridicule the other person? Will the return letter be a warning?

Step 5: Write about the letter being received to the sender.  What is this person’s reaction? How will the react? Will it be fear? Anger? Happiness? Or sadnes?

Step 6: Write what action the take from the letter. 

Step 7: Write what te other person decides to do, having  not received another letter in the mail.  What action does this character take? WIll it be suicide? Will it be murder? Will it be good?

Step 8: What does the original sender do? Will their action cause the other person action to be worse off? Or better?

Step 9: Write what happens when both go about their actions at the same time.

Step 10: What happens to one or both of these characters? 

Step 11: Write about the authorities finding one or both of the characters with a letter. What does this letter say, and what impact does it have, if any?

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