Book Review: Stiff Penalty by Annelise Ryan

Stiff Penalty by Annelise Ryan is  must read mystery thriller. This story is highly unusual for its kind making it the number one novel that readers will want to read. The story is about a pregnant woman who is a deputy coroner is out on the prowl as to who stabbed a math teacher with a barbecue fork. The weapon was straight in the heart. Why would someone want to kill a high school math teacher? And who had any motives to do so? Mattie also has her own problems. One being pregnant and having her estranged father following her around. Can Mattie solve the murder case before someone decides to kill and her unborn child? And even with all the evidence pointing to the dead teacher’s son as the killer, will Mattie be able to clear him or find him guilty? I highly recommend readers to pick up this brilliantly yet stunning novel to find out what happens next. Mattie Winston is no ordinary sleuth. Overall, I rate Still Penalty a five out of five stars.

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